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Free online summer course for ear training 2013

MusicalEar featured by Audiofanzine

MusicalEar reviewed by the Music Tech Magazine

"This method of learning by doing is an excellent way of improving your skills quickly."

MusicalEar in the Teaching Music magazine

MusicalEar is featured in the Resources section of the November issue of the Teaching Music magazine.

Review published by the 'No Treble' online magazine

"MusicalEar is an ear training and theory app going way beyond any on the market."

New review on the 'Music Teacher's Helper' blog

"There's something for everyone here. A chance to focus on your personal style of musicianship or indeed to branch out into learning something new."

12-part course with MusicalEar

For the Autumn semester we have prepared an exciting study plan for ear training and music theory.

Starting from September 24, each week the exercises of one complete lesson are published, together with the solutions. You can use it for self-studies - if you are a student, or for you own classes - if you are a teacher.

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Online summer course for ear training 2012

Our online summer course has recently ended. Don't worry if you missed the course, you can find all the exercises of the online course here to use for self-study.

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Starting from now, every month we will select our "MusicalEar Musician of the Month"!

You can be the next one! Click here to find out how.


G Martell College of Music & Audio uses MusicalEar

We are proud, that the G Martell College of Music & Audio, based in Mexico City have decided to use MusicalEar in their ear training lab which makes MusicalEar available to all their students. Read more about the G Martell College of Music & Audio here.

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MusicalEar in Universal Mode, Finale Mode and Sibelius Mode!

You can use MusicalEar stand-alone or integrated with the notation softwares Finale and Sibelius.

The integration with notation softwares make it possible, among other things, for teachers to fine-tune the difficulty of the exercises or to create their own exercise sheets based on the exercises from MusicalEar.


We were awarded Best Tools for Schools at the NAMM Show 2012 in Anaheim!

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MusicalEar - So Much More Than Just Ear Training!

MusicalEar is based on

  • 200+ compositions of real music
  • 200+ exercises based on compositions with a specific pedagogic idea in mind
  • 250+ sound files
  • 600+ scores
  • 300+ online references
  • 65+ chapters of music theory
  • 550+ terms in the Theory & Terms

In MusicalEar you also find:

  • General music theory, an introduction to a wealth of musical terms and music theory concepts.
  • Harmony/arranging, links to the different parts and harmonic analysis.
  • Elementary music analysis, questions and simple analysis of form and structure, instruments, tonal system, harmony, etc.
  • Styles and genres, including notation and ways of playing different instruments and in different genres.
  • Composing tips, based on the central idea of each song/piece.
  • Pre-study exercises in the form of writing or sing/play exercises. These give you a better understanding of a particular element in the piece.

Ear training and music theory is fun, efficient and entertaining!

Enhance your experience when you listen, learn, play and create music. With MusicalEar it's fun to move deeper into the music.

MusicalEar is a complete tool for amateur musicians and composers as well as music teachers and professionals with an advanced music knowledge. This tool works equally well for self studies and teacher guided studies.

What You Will Find in MusicalEar

MusicalEar is based on more than 200 newly written compositions in the genres of pop, rock, jazz, latin, tune, folk music and classical music.

To train your aural skills, examples based on real music will steepen your learning curve and enable you to put your new skills at use immediately. MusicalEar is a versatile tool for conveying a better understanding of music; a new, unique learning tool for improving and deepening aural skills and music theory knowledge.

Enhance your musical experience now!

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